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Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent Coatings makes your building fire compliant without compromising the aesthetic appeal 


Innovative Protection
Intumescent coatings are not only a great way to protect main steelworks or timber in your building, it helps the building look aesthetically pleasing.  

Our Intumescent Range
Parker Painting Group offers structural steel fire rating solutions. We are accredited Fireshield applicators providing both water based and solvent based coatings for exterior and interior steelworks. This can give your building 30, 60, 90 or 120 mins FRR protection. 

Parker Painting Group also offers three different timber finishes giving your timber substrate a compliant group 1-S surface rating, and a char rate reduction for structural timber. We can provide your timber substrate with a clear finish, white finish or timber white wash finish. 

Structural steel loses its capacity in a fire once it hits 550 degrees, make sure you protect the integrity of the building by engaging in Parker Painting Group. We offer on site and off site coatings. 

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Our Process

Parker Painting Group Commercial Painting Services


Get in contact and book a time that best suits you or email your scope of works to us

Parker Painting Group Commercial Painting Services


Parker Painting Group will show fully transparency through the tendering stage

Parker Painting Group Commercial Painting Services


You will be provided with a detailed pricing proposal so you can run on time and to budget

Why Choose Parker Painting Group

All Painters are fully qualified having completed a certificate 3 in Painting & Decorating.

Public liability
Parker Painting Group are covered by public liability insurance.

10-year Guarantee
Parker Painting Group offer a 10 year guarantee on their work.   

Parker Painting Group pride themselves on their experience in the trade. 

Intumescent Coatings available for

Let Parker Painting Group Protect Your Asset.
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