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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Parker Painting Group. Below are our terms and condition of service.

  1. For domestic repaint clients a 30% deposit is required prior to any works starting. The remaining 70% is paid on completion of the project.

  2. All builders must provide a purchase order. Under no circumstances will we start work without receiving a purchase order. 

  3. All clients are responsible for final colour choice. Under no circumstance is Parker Painting Group responsible for the colours chosen. Our colour consultations are to be used as a guide before the client makes the final choice.

  4. Changes in colour selection could result in additional charges for labour and materials

  5. If existing properties (repaints) are quoted off architectural drawings, they need to be seen prior to works commencing. Any damages outside of normal wear and tear could result in additional charges

Why Choose Parker Painting Group

All Painters are fully qualified having completed a certificate 3 in Painting & Decorating.

Public liability
Parker Painting Group are covered by public liability insurance.

10-year Guarantee
Parker Painting Group offer a 10 year guarantee on their work.   

Parker Painting Group pride themselves on their experience in the trade. 

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your painting project today.

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