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How to Choose a Commercial Painting Company

Here’s 5 factors to consider when choosing a commercial painting company. From retail shop fronts to warehouses and government facilities, Parker Painting Group can revitalise your space, bringing it back to life and attracting more attention than ever!

For your next commercial painting project, get in touch with the professionals at Parker Painting Group on 1800 370 741.

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How To Choose A Commercial Painting Company

1. Get A Quote In Writing

Make sure you get a written quote that documents the list of everything you would like completed. Then work with experienced painters that will tailor a package that suits your budget. You should work with a commercial painting company who understands what you want. One of our strengths is our ability to listen and work with businesses to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Communication And Customer Service

Choose a painting company that is professional and easy to deal with. You need them to actually show up and do the job well. Are they quick to reply to questions? Do they explain everything in simple and easy to understand terms? If you have a painting contractor who avoids answering questions or is hard to get hold of, this should raise red flags! At Parker Painting Group we want to work with you to get a great outcome and take away any hassle or stress from your next commercial painting project.

3. Choose A Company That Holds The Relevant Licenses & Insurances

If a painter has the required licenses and insurance, they can guarantee their service. Did you know that Parkers Painting Group offer a 10 year warranty? Our commercial painting services definitely last the test of time. You can have peace of mind knowing we have all the relevant licenses and insurances and we guarantee our work. You can feel comfortable knowing we will be able to fix any issues if they arise.

4. Compare Painting Fees

Prices can vary greatly between companies. Ask a few businesses for quotes before signing any contracts or booking anyone in. It’s not recommended to purely go with the cheapest option however, you do want to take price into consideration. We are certainly not the cheapest however we do provide great value for money. If a quote sounds too good to be it is usually for a reason. Dodgy businesses can price jobs cheaply to get the work, then use inferior paint, skimp on preparation and use inexperienced labour. As the old saying goes – you get what you pay for.

5. Commercial Painting Experience Matters

Do some research online. Commercial painters with quality workmanship and experience in the industry should showcase their work on their website. The company you choose should stand out from the crowd. Google reviews on their Google Business Profile can help with making an informed choice. Make sure you hire a professional and not a handyman. We will deliver the service as promised and act professionally while on site. Checkout some of the recently completed projects in Geelong and surrounding areas.

Parker Painting Group can commence works at an agreed time that suits you. We can have your building looking professional, impressive and like new again. When it comes to commercial painting, we know that different projects require a level of precision and care. Our team are highly experienced and use quality equipment.

Give Parker Painting Group a call today on 1800 370 741 for your commercial painting project!


By talking to the experts at Parker Painting Group you will have the peace of mind and confidence about how to choose a commercial painting company.


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