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St Josephs College Geelong

Having completed painting works at St Joseph’s College in Geelong, the building contractor Plan Group were so impressed with the high standard and timely results, that they awarded another contract to complete the repainting and restoration of Saint Mary’s in Geelong. Provision of a 10 year material warranty delivers additional peace of mind to the owners, alongside Parker Painting Group’s ability to work with and please our clients, making us a pleasure to work with.


Our Process

Parker Painting Group Industrial Painting Services


Get in contact and book a time that best suits you or email your scope of works to us.

Parker Painting Group Scope.png


Parker Painting Group will evaluate the scope of the project through a site visit or  via building plans.

Parker Painting Group Industrial Painting Services


Parker painting Group will assist you in colour choice.

Parker Painting Group Industrial Painting Services


You will be provided with a detailed pricing proposal to suit your budget.

Why Choose Parker Painting Group

All Painters are fully qualified having completed a certificate 3 in Painting & Decorating.

Public liability
Parker Painting Group are covered by public liability insurance.

10-year Guarantee
Parker Painting Group offer a 10 year guarantee on their work.   

Parker Painting Group pride themselves on their experience in the trade. 

Specialists in Industrial Coatings.
Tell us about your painting project today.

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