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Factors to consider when repainting your house

The decision to repaint your home isn’t always an easy one. There are things to be taken into consideration such as choice of materials, budget and deciding what colours to use.

We have come up with the following helpful hints and tips, to help you get started…

For your next house painting project, get in touch with the professionals at Parker Painting Group on 1800 370 741.

Painting outside of weatherboard house

There are many factors to consider when repainting your house

Interior House Painting

Identify your palette
  • Collect samples and brochures from your favourite paint suppliers and ensure you choose the right paint.

  • Do a few test patches before getting started. This will make sure you’re completely happy with the colour chosen.

  • Depending on the lighting in your home, paint colours can appear differently once applied to internal walls.

Prepare the surface
  • Before getting started, it is important to clean the surface of any dirt, blue tack, scuffs, pen, texta, hand prints and holes.

  • From simple wash downs of walls, to more involved wall repairs, our team of painters can assess the project and advise how to best clean your internal walls.

  • If the walls are new and have never been painted, our team can advise the best undercoat and paints to use, for best results.

  • We are happy to prepare the surface for you

Exterior House Painting

  • We take pride in our work and recommend you research before getting started.

  • Research company testimonials. Websites and word of mouth are a great way to do this.

  • Visit your local hardware store and paint stores to collect brochures and sample pots

  • Look online. There are many websites and apps that offer helpful ideas.

Engaging a Painting Company
  • Get us onsite to discuss your project

  • Our clients work with us because we are professional and friendly

  • We are registered and offer a satisfaction guarantee

Getting Started
  • Prepare the area for painting. Your exterior may need to be brushed, cleaned, high pressure washed or sanded. We will liaise with you and can assist with this too.

  • Check the weather. Consider the time of year when planning your project and keep your eye on the forecast. The rule of thumb is the wall temperature must be warmer than 10oC and below 35oC throughout the painting process.

  • To generate a few ideas of what you would like done, we can help you with our expert advice, every step of the way

Why Choose Parker Painting Group?

High Quality Tools
  • We will complete your job to a high standard, and in a timely manner

Industry Experience
  • Whether your façade needs some TLC or you require an updated look, our highly skilled and experienced painters will offer quality advice and guide you through the painting process.

Materials and Paint
  • The materials and paint we recommend are guaranteed to produce a quality finish.

Regulations and Permits
  • We guarantee our work for 10 years and hold all the relevant licenses and permits

We Care
  • Your needs are important to us and we will enjoy working together to achieve excellent results.

We are all chasing the Australian dream of owning your own beautiful home, and having it just how we like it. We might not be able to pay off your mortgage but, Parker Painting Group can certainly transform your family home into a more stunning version of itself.

When it comes to painting, we know that every home requires an expert level of care. Give Parker Painting Group a call today on 1800 370 741 for your next painting project.


Get in touch with Parker Painting who can run through the factors to consider when repainting your house.


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